About Us

Credo Coffee - A New Chapter

Phillip Dawson

You might have known us as The Art of Coffee. We are still the coffee school you all love, just this time, we're now a coffee roasters.

This new chapter was birthed out of a demand from our previous students who wanted to partner with us long term. It took us a while to come to this decision, but in the end, we thought we would jump straight in and go for it!

A friend once told me, "Sometimes, you have to go where the tide takes you, even if it's not in the direction you thought you'd go in". This is certainly true for the company. Luckily, the family business consists of a dynamite roaster (Jonny, my brother), a passionate trainer, devoted to education (myself) and lastly, the queen of administration and events (my wife). It's been a wonderful journey so far and we're grateful of everyone who's been part of it.

Credo Coffee is not just a business seeking to roast coffee and provide unique courses. We as a family constantly think of how we can make a deeper impact on the culture; whether it be through charity, discussions or metaphysics (we think deeply about a lot of things!). We believe coffee can be a vehicle for good in our day to day lives (not just a morning brew), and this therefore, ought to be provided with excellence.

We hope to provide something that will appeal to everyone and we hope that includes you!

Check out our courses or pick up some coffee from our online store!