Ethiopian coffee, what's the big deal?

Ethiopia is an amazing country with its very rich culture, beauty and its unquestionable excellence in coffee. Ethiopia is where coffee began its journey in the known world. It all started in the 10th century when coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat-herder stumbled upon a white blossomed shrub that bore this tempting red cherry fruit. He saw the power of this phenomenon when he soon came to realise his goats didn't sleep during the night after eating the fruit off the shrub. Soon after this in the 15th century it was commonly recognised as a beverage and from here the spreading of coffee went to every corner of the earth, finally hitting western society in the 17th century.

It seems like most speciality coffee roasters have an Ethiopian offering of some kind, and why not!? With the rich history alone it is understandable why roasters are eager to have an amazing Ethiopian to offer their customers. Besides, this these coffees are well known for their distinct flavour of wild fruits and black tea. Even though Ethiopian coffee is not hard to come by and is very common in the speciality coffee industry, it is still is coffee that everyone seeks after. The coffee, with every sip being different from the one before, its very hard to resist this coffee!

Having said this it is also important to roast and use your Ethiopian coffee by the correct method. I believe that Ethiopian coffee is wasted as espresso (Phil will disagree!) and can be better used as brewing it through a pour over or any slow drip method. I think that it is important to get those really delicate notes of tea and fruit, whereas if you were to put is through an espresso machine you would get a really bright and amazing cup but not the full potential of what that coffee could offer.

Our Ethiopia Beriti - Tore, Natural, Yirgacheffe coffee is roasted to perfection! We have developed the roast profile so you can get the strong notes of strawberry, blackcurrant, orange peel but yet keeping it light enough so you can taste the delicate floral notes from when it cools down. Also, with it being a natural process you can expect big, bold and juicy flavours from this cup. Beriti is a washing station situated in the Tore region in the south west of Ethiopia. Only holding small microlot coffees in this specific region we are lucky and excited to be able to offer this coffee to you!

We have spent a significant amount of time getting this coffee ready, making sure that it's not only to our liking, but that it also represents the farmers, region and country appropriately. This was our main mission. The coffee is definitely a head turner and one you do not want to miss out on. We offer this coffee in 250g bags and 1kg bags too and you can buy this coffee as a one off purchase or you can subscribe and receive this coffee regularly, how great!

If you are interested about this coffee or want any information about who we are and what we can do for you feel free to get in touch.

One of the workers from Beriti washing station preparing some Buna (Ethiopian coffee)!

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